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Use A Marketer’s Secret Weapon In Your Training

Enter SOSTAC, a proven strategic marketing framework that promises to be your secret weapon in this pursuit! Imagine a world where your employees not only embrace eLearning opportunities but eagerly devour new content, continuously growing their skills, knowledge, and passion for personal and professional development. SOSTAC offers you the roadmap to turn this vision into reality, transforming training administrators into catalysts for organizational success. In this article, we explore the remarkable power of SOSTAC and how it can revolutionize your approach to promoting eLearning content within your organization. Get ready to unleash the potential of your training initiatives and see your employees become the driving force behind your company’s growth.


SOSTAC is a strategic planning framework that guides the development and execution of marketing strategies. It stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Control. This structured approach helps organizations analyze their current situation, set clear objectives, devise a strategy, choose tactics for implementation, take action, and continually evaluate and control the strategy’s effectiveness. SOSTAC is widely used in marketing and other planning contexts to ensure a systematic and goal-oriented approach.

Why Use SOSTAC To Promote eLearning?

SOSTAC is a valuable framework for eLearning content promotion because it ensures a well-structured, goal-oriented, and adaptable approach that can lead to more effective and engaging eLearning experiences for your employees. It helps you systematically navigate the complexities of marketing within a corporate training environment, ultimately increasing the chances of achieving your objectives.

Marketing Strategy For Promoting eLearning

This is a good approach for promoting new eLearning content to employees within your organization for several reasons:

1. Structured Approach

SOSTAC provides a well-defined structure that guides you through the entire process, from analyzing the current situation to evaluating the results. This structure ensures that you don’t overlook critical aspects of your strategy.

2. Clarity Of Objectives

The framework emphasizes the importance of setting clear and measurable objectives. This is crucial for eLearning content promotion because it helps you define what you want to achieve, making it easier to track progress and success.

3. Strategy Alignment

SOSTAC encourages the development of a high-level strategy that aligns with your objectives. This is vital in corporate training, where content should be aligned with the organization’s goals and the employee’s needs.

4. Tactical Flexibility

The tactics stage allows you to be flexible in choosing the specific methods and channels for promoting your training materials. You can tailor your tactics to the unique needs and preferences of your organization and employees.

5. Holistic Approach

SOSTAC covers all the essential aspects of promoting content, including analyzing the situation, setting objectives, crafting a strategy, selecting tactics, taking action, and monitoring and controlling the campaign.

6. Measurable Results

The framework’s focus on measurable objectives and control means that you can track and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. This is critical in a training setting, as you need to assess how well your employees are engaging with the content and meeting learning objectives.

7. Continuous Improvement

SOSTAC encourages ongoing evaluation and adjustment. In the rapidly evolving field of education, this is particularly valuable. You can adapt to changing employee needs, technology advancements, and evolving best practices.

8. Clear Communication

SOSTAC can be a valuable tool for communicating your eLearning content promotion plan with other stakeholders in your organization. It provides a clear, logical structure that makes it easy for others to understand your approach and contribute to its success.

9. Cost-Efficiency

By following a structured approach and regularly evaluating your efforts, you can optimize your spending and resources, ensuring that your promotion campaign is cost-effective.

10. Accountability

With a clear plan in place, it’s easier to assign responsibilities and hold team members accountable for their tasks and contributions to the campaign.

How Do I Apply SOSTAC To eLearning Promotion?

When promoting new eLearning content to employees within your organization, you can apply the SOSTAC framework as follows:

1. Situation Analysis (S)

Start by assessing the current situation. This involves understanding the existing eLearning offerings, the needs and preferences of your employees, and any relevant market trends. Ask yourself questions like, what eLearning content is currently available? What are the learning needs and preferences of your employees? What are the competitive offerings in the eLearning space? Are there any internal/external factors that could impact your strategy?

2. Objectives (O)

Define clear and specific objectives that you want to achieve with your eLearning content promotion. These objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Examples of objectives might include: Increasing employee engagement with eLearning content by X% within six months or boosting the completion rate of eLearning courses by Y% in the next quarter.

3. Strategy (S)

Based on your analysis and objectives, develop a high-level strategy for promoting eLearning content. This could involve strategies such as:

  • Personalization
    Tailoring content to individual employee needs.
  • Gamification
    Making learning interactive and engaging.
  • Content distribution
    Deciding how and where to deliver the content.
  • Integration
    Making it fit with existing workflows and platforms.

4. Tactics (T)

In this stage, outline the specific tactics you will use to execute your strategy. Tactics might include:

  • Email campaigns to announce new courses.
  • Intranet or LMS (Learning Management System) integration.
  • Webinars or training sessions.
  • Social media promotion within the organization.
  • Feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.

5. Action (A)

Implement the tactics outlined in the previous stage. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and execute your plan. Ensure that your tactics are aligned with your strategy and are designed to achieve your defined objectives.

6. Control (C)

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your eLearning content promotion. Use KPIs and metrics to measure progress against your objectives. If necessary, make adjustments to your tactics and strategy to optimize results. Regularly review the following:

  • Employee engagement metrics.
  • Course completion rates.
  • Feedback from employees.
  • Return On Investment (ROI).

Unleash Engagement And Drive Growth With SOSTAC

By following the SOSTAC framework, you create a structured plan for promoting eLearning content to your employees. This approach ensures that your efforts are well-organized, focused on objectives, and adaptable to changing circumstances. Remember that ongoing assessment and adjustments are crucial for a successful eLearning content promotion campaign within your organization.

Are you ready to transform your eLearning initiatives into powerful engines of engagement and growth? Don’t wait; start applying the SOSTAC framework today and watch your employees thrive. Embrace the secret weapon of training administrators and embark on a journey to a brighter, more successful future. It’s time to boost eLearning engagement, and it all starts with SOSTAC.

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