Nursing Careers Through eLearning: Focused Paths Achievable


Advancing Nursing Careers Through Online Education

Over the last several years many aspiring professionals have realized that a career in nursing is amazing for a variety of reasons, such as financial stability and room for growth. However, when it comes to advancing one’s career as a nurse and specializing in a specific field, many are worried that the process is too difficult. Thankfully, working nurses can specialize in a wide variety of different fields from the comfort of their own homes with new and accessible forms of online learning, and advance their nursing careers through eLearning.

How To Progress Nursing Careers Through eLearning

Becoming familiar with the different nursing roles one can step into as a result of learning online can make it easier to take the leap and start one’s nursing journey. Here are focused nursing career paths achievable through eLearning and online study.

Becoming An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are highly skilled nurses who engage in specialized duties and sometimes have leadership positions. The term refers to a class of nurses rather than a specific role. Some highly sought-after APRN roles include those of nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, and nurse anesthetist. Registered nurses (RNs) looking to advance their careers, gain more professional autonomy, and bolster their incomes can find everything they’re looking for in this impressive role. And, in today’s world, eLearning and online educational options have made this type of career mobility more accessible than ever before.

For registered nurses with a BSN, there are many online programs that can allow them to obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. This impressive terminal degree opens up a range of new career opportunities and establishes one as an advanced nurse. However, it must be noted that the majority of BSN to DNP degree programs require students to have at least one year of experience working as a registered nurse.

What makes online DNP programs so attractive to working registered nurses is that there are many flexible options to meet all types of schedules. For registered nurses intent on working full-time while furthering their education, there are programs designed to cater to working professionals. Conversely, registered nurses who want to take some time off from work to obtain their DNP can take advantage of accelerated nursing programs. Ultimately, there are more accessible online options for obtaining a DNP and becoming qualified as an APRN than ever before. As such, now is a great time for nurses with big aspirations to further their education so they can step into more advanced roles.

Becoming A Nurse Administrator

While some nurses thrive in environments that allow them to interact with patients, others are more drawn to the logistical aspects of healthcare. For registered nurses who love the process of leading teams and taking a more general approach to healthcare, pursuing a career in nursing administration is an amazing option. Nurse administrators lead their teams to accomplish a variety of goals ranging from increasing efficiency to increasing patient satisfaction. Without skilled nurse administrators, nursing teams would be far less effective in their execution. This being the case, nurses intent on helping teams thrive can find what they’re looking for in the role of nurse administrator.

In order to become qualified for nursing administration roles, registered nurses can further their education by obtaining a variety of advanced degrees. One great option for RNs with a BSN is to pursue an MBA with a specialty in either nursing administration or healthcare administration. Like many other degrees, there are now options for professionals furthering their careers to pursue an MBA in nursing or healthcare administration online. This allows RNs to continue working if they choose to do so while bolstering their qualifications.

Becoming A Public Health Nurse

As many saw during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health professionals play a crucial role when it comes to keeping the public safe. Public health nurses are professionals in this field who use their specialized knowledge to safeguard the health of a variety of people. Essentially, these professionals have a broad range of duties and can focus on specific areas if they choose to do so. For example, many public health nurses help to serve people from specific populations that typically experience less-than-ideal health outcomes. As a result, their work makes healthcare more equitable while beneficially impacting the lives of countless patients.

For RNs looking to step into careers as public health nurses, there are a plethora of online educational options at their disposal. Typically, the path will involve obtaining a specialized certification in public health. However, it must be noted that to be qualified for a position as a public health nurse one will first need to gain some experience working as an RN. Ultimately, this career path is extremely accessible for nurses looking to further their careers and specialize in a new field. As such, RNs who enjoy helping the public at large and are looking to take the next step should consider pursuing a career as a public health nurse.

Online Options Make Furthering One’s Nursing Career More Accessible

While pursuing a nursing specialty used to require nurses to attend in-person classes and traditional institutions, eLearning and online educational options have transformed this process. From becoming a primary care provider as an APRN to advocating for marginalized communities as a public health nurse, online education can now help nurses achieve their career goals in accessible ways. Consequently, any nurse thinking about furthering their career and specializing in a specific field should take advantage of online options and start the journey of making their nursing career dreams come true.


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